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One-and-Only Administrator
One-and-Only Administrator

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PostSubject: READ NOW!   Thu Mar 15, 2007 9:50 pm

The Amazing Forum Rules

1.)No Spamming
You should know the basics on spamming or not and you should know when and how to post properly. This probablly won't be a problem for a while. Just follow basic rules and don't do anything inapropriate.
2.)No Trolling
Don't make people and mainly the staff mad. We are here to run this place and we would enjoy your respect and not bug the heck out of us.
3.)No Swearing
This might not fall into play for so long because depending on the content of your language. Just don't curse and everything will be alright.
4.) No sexual language
Don't act like a pervert and also, don't post sexual pictures. Remember, this is all common sense and just please follow them!
Respect others as you would like to be respected. Don't judge or be mean to anyone because of their race.
6.)No flame wars
Don't argue, its stupid and we will attack you if you do!
7.) At least 15 word posts
If it is under 15 words, then it is unecessary! Just make things easy on us and post quality.
8.) Respect all staff members and users
As said before, just respect people and don't be rude. Especially to the staff
9.) Do not brag, double/triple post or whine and complain
These are just some more basic rules to follow to keep these running smooth.
10.) Stay Safe
There are PMs on this forum so don't be inapropriate there. If there are problems, contact the staff through those. And in the chat, be safe!

If you do not listen to these rules you will face consequences.

What Not To Post on the Forum

1.) Bragging or asking opinons on sigs or avvys
2.) Popularity Threads
3.) No Advertising
4.) Inapropriate things (Sexual, rude, crude, etc.)
5.) Asking to be a mod
6.) Short posts, under 10 characters
7.) Verbal Attacks

Anything else that makes sense. Just use your common sense and you will be ok!

Rank System

NOTE: These might be edited!

There are also two negative ranks. If you do something bad, you get the first negative rank. If you break another rule you get the second rank. After you break a third rule or make me mad you will be banned. You can be perma banned or just banned.

1st. Negative Rank: I'm a bad person!
2nd. Negative Rank: I might be banned soon![

Thanks a lot for following these rules,
The Staff:

Monksal85-Maker of this forum/Admin
Died By Bear- Penguin Planet Creator
Rod Rego- Graphics Designer/ Forum Moderator


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